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Mobile Apps and Sites for B2B

Does Your B2B Site Look Good on Smart Phones?

Does your site work on all devices?

Does your site work on all devices?

Have you ever tried to check a website on your smart phone or other mobile device only to find it really does not work very well. Was the experience so frustrating that you ended up finding a competitive website to get the same information? Site owners need to realize that smart phone and mobile device use is increasing every day. If your site cannot function on mobile devices, your are probably losing site visitors.

Why does this matter if you sell business to business?

  • This is just as true in the Business to Business (B2B) arena as it is for consumers.
  • Business people and company employees are relying upon their smart phones and tablets more and more.
  • In fact, many businesses issue smart phones and other mobile electronic devices so their employees and managers can stay hooked into the Internet when they travel or work out in the field.

This means your business customers might be accessing your site from a hotel room, remote field location, or their homes. They might want to find out information about your business services and products. If they have a bad experience trying to get that information on their mobile devices, they might move on to one of your competitors simply because your competitor has already adapted to this new environment.

Have you even tried to view your business to business site on a phone or other handheld device?

While consumer websites have recognized this trend long ago, many B2B website owners have been slow to catch up. It might be because they do not even know why traffic has been declining, or it might be because they do not want to invest money in developing an expensive mobile website.

However, these are not good excuses. If your B2B customers want to be able to access your Internet site on their tablets, smart phones, e-book readers, etc, you need to have a version of your site that displays and functions properly on small monitors. The reality is that it may not even cost that much to give your clients and customers what they want.

Many themes for popular content management systems have upgrades so they can automatically detect the device type and adjust accordingly. The mobile version might not look exactly the same as the big-screen version, but you can still maintain your branding and overall aesthetics.

What about the functionality of your site?

You might have to pick and choose the functions that you offer mobile visitors, but you still need to give these people the ability to get your contact information and hit the highlights.

But actually, smart phone and tablet Internet browsers have gotten pretty good. There is no reason that your mobile website cannot be designed to do almost everything that your old one does. You might have to redesign the way forms are displayed and pages are laid out, but this should not be an overwhelming problem.

B2B users want to be able to access your site from their tablets and mobile phones. You could be losing their business if you do not give them a good experience on their mobile devices.

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